What If You Could Track Your Entire Fleet in Real Time?

Guilford Group has the technology to track your fleet in real time, allow load assignment, and enable document and message exchange. Our solutions can be integrated with your internal systems and are compatible with smartphones and mobile devices.

Get up to the minute location information and faster document exchange an access the data from our web-based solution when you're in the office.

  • Rapidly evolving mobile technology and high speed networks enable faster communication, increased automation, and lower costs

  • Our web-based product allows us to add features and functionalities as they become possible

  • Integration with your internal systems makes setup easy

Primary FleetCommand™ Features

  1. Individual Tracking with Fleet Map View & Location Awareness
  2. Assignments, Arrivals, and Departures with Time Stamping for Dispatch ELD & Compliance Mandate (via Partnership with J. J. Keller)
  3. System reporting for monitoring capacity, driver availability, & late arrivals
  4. Signature & Document Capture with Attachments
  5. Customer Notifications of Arrivals & Departures
  6. Resource Availability & Scheduling
  7. Displays Recent Fleet Events
  8. Customer Notifications of Arrivals & Departures
  9. Send & Receive Messages - Including Attachments & Pictures
  10. Assignments, Arrivals, & Departures with Time Stamping for Dispatch
  11. Analytics & Reporting

Affordable Pricing

Features FleetCommand FleetCommand with ELD Compliance FleetCommand with ELD Premium
Resource Availability and Scheduling
Assignment, Arrivals, Departures with Time Stamping
Internally Send and Receive Messages, Including Attachments and Pictures
Signature Capture with Attachments
System Reporting for Monitoring Fleet Capacity, Driver Availability and Late Arrivals
Displays Recent Fleet Events
Automatically Calculates Estimated Time of Arrival Based on Proximity to Destination
Routing Information Provided for Drivers
Individual Tracking, with Fleet Map View Plus Location Awareness
Basic Analytics and Reports
Customer Notification of Arrivals and Departures
Compliance Renewal Automated Reminders (Licenses, MVRs, Training, etc.)
Driver Qualification File Storage
Alcohol & Drug Testing Selection and Results Storage (Random Testing)
Accident Record Keeping and Reporting
Driver Paperwork Scanning and Storage
Manual Entry of Driver Logs
Installation and Setup Assistance — Web-Based & Onsite
Automatically Changes Duty Status Based on Vehicle Movement
Warnings Delivered to Driver Prior to Regulatory Violations
Audits Driver Hours in Compliance with Part 395
ELD Integrally Synced to Engine, per DOT Requirements
ELD-Compatible with Class 1 – 8 Vehicles (1997 and Newer)
User Authentication – Password Required for E-Logging
Automated Driver Notification of Available Hours
System and Regulatory Updates Done Over-the-Air (Wireless Updates)
Easy-to-Use Driver Interface
Roadside Inspection Mode Available
Cloud-Based, Secured System Supports Unlimited Users
Real-Time Report on Events
Configurable Reporting Based on Company Location, Terminals, Preferences
User Assess Level Settings
Scan and Store Electronic Documents with Indefinite Retention of Files
General Employee and Asset Records Management with Alerts & Reminders
Supports Export of Data
Supports Tracking Non-Powered Units, e.g. Trailers
Tracking Vehicle Service History & Annual Vehicle Inspections
Manage Vehicle Parts Inventory
Manual International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Reporting
International Registration Plan (IRP) Compliance Management
Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (E-DVIRs)
Safety Metrics to Report Driver Performance Based on Fuel, Speed, Braking, etc.
GPS Tracking, Real-Time Visibility, Fuel Use, Idle Time Reporting
Report Time and Mileage Inside, Outside, and Between Geofences
Automated International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Reporting
Total Cost Per License Per Truck Per Month $24.00 $34.95 $49.95

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Download our product sheet to learn more about what FleetCommand can do, or get more information about the ELD mandate in our white paper, "Understanding the ELD Final Rule." 

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