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Optimized development methodology that adapts to your project’s needs

With extensive experience in large enterprise projects, the team at Guilford Group has designed a proprietary software development methodology that focuses on driving customer value throughout the software development lifecycle. It is adaptable to each individual project’s needs and can take on a familiar Agile approach or a hybrid approach that combines long-term Waterfall planning with incremental Agile-based Sprints.

As a “continuous improvement” minded organization, our team has constant focus on improving our Agile processes through routine retrospectives and project takeaways which identify problems that can be addressed in future projects. In turn, this helps Guilford Group become more effective in delivering high value products each and every time.

Our Software Development Services

Flexible and COLLABoRATIVe agile development solutions

Guilford Group’s process typically consists of cadenced Sprints, where project work for each Sprint is outlined in detailed structure with each rolling Sprint. Sprints are sequenced so that functionality is built in a logical sequence, and daily Scrum meetings are held to identify and push quickly past any roadblocks. At the end of each Sprint, Guilford Group's team is focused on delivering a functional product that is available to test and revise. This allows both the client and the development team to prioritize changes and to begin gathering Requirements for the upcoming Sprint. Below are key aspects of Guilford Group’s Agile processes:

  • The Team – Specialists, Scrum Master, Project / Product Owner

  • Project Backlog – dynamic, prioritized list of tasks and features defined by business customers (requirements gathering)

  • Sprint Planning and Backlog – prior to sprint, a planning session to determine components that the team agrees to deliver at the end of the sprint

  • Daily Scrum – daily meetings to discuss what was accomplished, what remains to be done, and roadblocks

  • Sprint Progress Chart – chart showing progress and work remaining in a sprint

  • Sprint Demo – demo of functional product conducted at the end of the sprint

  • Retrospective Meeting – team discussion following the sprint to identify successes and improvement opportunities

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Why Guilford Group

  • Adaptable processes combined with consistent client visibility

  • Leadership philosophy that promotes team organization and accountability

  • Engineering best practices that optimize delivery of high value products

  • Customer-minded approach that aligns development with customer needs and company goals

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