Guilford Group has a Long-Standing Affiliation with the Logistics & Warehousing Industry.

We have built and directed numerous business driven software solutions to automate processes and improve business efficiency. Our experience has been throughout the supply-chain.  This includes distribution, warehousing, 3PL, etc. 

We have helped a variety of clients maximize operations, contain costs, improve communication and provide access to data when and where needed.  We have accomplished process improvements by leveraging our mobile and web based technology platform expertise. 

Projects include hand held for warehouse inventory, scheduling system which manages over 800 contractors and vendors in multiple developments, manage domestic shipments through various modes of transportation to create a seamless door-to-door product, help customers compress cycle time, lower overall transportation cost, maximize supply chain efficiency, and dramatically improve service.




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Case Studies



Fortune 500 Transportation Company

Technologies Utilized


JavaServer Faces (JSF)


At many manufacturing or production facilities this transportation company provides rail cars to be loaded by the customer before being transported to a different location, either within the customer’s location, or by rail across the country. They needed to be able to keep track of what rail cars are at each location, and where they are within the location. There also needed to be a way to communicate when the customer wanted a car moved.


The system simplified plant management by letting customers indicate times for car pulls and placement. It supplies crews with standardized before and after documentation and improved data accuracy by using customer supplied data. It assists in the vision of electronic communication between customers and crews.



Leading Indiana Home Builder


Home builder is able to deliver “More Value for the Money” by leveraging technology to keep costs as low as possible. Highly automated processes, information capture and retrieval enable continuous improvement of processes based on accurate information, metrics and benchmarking.


One solution developed by Guilford Group is the Viper scheduling system which manages over 800 contractors and vendors in multiple developments. The Viper system enables contractors a detailed timeline of scheduled tasks, and the ability to interact with satellite offices via PDA. The system captures any delays, the reason for the delay, and new target dates. The system automatically reschedules related task, and notes any conditions or exceptions that do not meet service level commitments. Field Construction Managers are kept up to date via wireless technology. This same technology makes it possible for staff to work anywhere, from any location.



Leading Furniture Manufacturer

Technologies Utilized



Company had a massive warehouse in Indiana. They had just installed a new flow rack, which they hoped would allow items to get from the warehouse floor to the trucks. In order to take full advantage of the new flow rack, they needed a better way to communicate with the people in the warehouse to efficiently get items from the warehouse, to the flow rack, and then to load the items onto the trucks.


Company was feeling the pressure of downward pricing in the marketplace. They needed to reduce costs to remain competitive. The entire manufacturing, importing and shipping process needed to flow smoothly in order to reduce costs. By implementing the new scanner system in the warehouse, the process became rhythmic and held all the way through shipping. They were able to forecast demand against their current supply more effectively and keep up with the market demands in a cost efficient manner.

“I have been affiliated with Guilford Group for the past 20 years. Guilford Group has been a major part of our IT program. We are a company that never had an IT Department so Guilford Group was our sole source of IT expertise. I have worked very closely with Guilford Group’s team on numerous projects. They are a very professional and easy to work with group with a great track record of completing our projects on time and within budget. When we experienced any problems with our systems they resolved them quickly so that our company would not experience downtime that would affect our business. I would highly recommend Guilford Group to work on any future projects.”
— Cindy Pulley, IT Services Coordinator