Guilford Group has Provided Business Driven Software Solutions to the Industrial & Manufacturing Sector to Leading Companies.


With the revival of high-tech manufacturing in the U.S., this has become an excellent fit for Guilford Group capabilities to help these companies with the software and technology solutions they need. 

Our experience includes many of the logistics and warehousing solutions that are directly applicable to these end-markets.  We have a deep-seated understanding and knowledge of process improvements, streamlining operations and containing costs.  We have successfully done projects for new products or product improvements such as doing software upgrades for a heating & air conditioning unit, a new to market cell phone application for control of a ceiling fan, etc.  We have implemented industrial and construction safety training and management solutions. 



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Case Studies



Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety, Inc. (MICCS), Non-profit established by Eli Lilly, IPL, etc.


MICCS offers a wide variety of Web-based services to the industry, including membership meetings, seminars and safety awards. MICCS members agree to establish general industry practices as they relate to safety. MICCS is committed to construction safety standards and provides online certification and training.


Guilford Group was able to collaborate with MICCS to create a  comprehensive construction safety monitoring and qualification system that matches the high level of quality and commitment to standards that MICCS promotes. In accordance with the typical construction goals of “on time and under budget” Guilford Group staff delivered a system that completely met the requirements of the agency it was designed to support.



Crosspoint, Division of Cummins

Technologies Utilized


Climbacab® firmware


There were several issues that needed to be resolved with ClimbaCab®. The units have embedded Java, and in all there were 16 items that needed to be fixed or refined. These items included issues with firmware flashing, firmware updating, testing of the operating system as it loaded, Java 7 support, Windows 8 testing, reporting and debugging. Every time something went wrong with one of the units, Crosspoint had to send someone out into the field to fix it.


Guilford Group had the knowledge and expertise to solve the problems that Crosspoint had with Climbacab®. By combining their experience in application development, with their technical knowledge of hardware, Guilford Group was able to achieve the efficiency that Crosspoint needed.



Leading Edge Fan Manufacturer

Technologies Utilized


Android OS


As a leader in the fan industry, this fan manufacturing company wanted to add an option to their fans that no other company offered. While many fans come with a remote control, this fan manufacturing company wanted an app that allowed users to use their cell phones as a remote to operate the fan and fan light via Bluetooth technology. It needed to operate the fan, the fan speed, the fan light, and the light intensity. It would be a free application available for the Iphone and for Android phones.


The development of the app places this fan manufacturing company in the position of being one of the first companies to offer a cell phone app to control a ceiling fan. It injects forward thinking and differentiates them from other fan companies. They are now placed for strategic growth, securing contracts because of this technology with major retailers.

“Guilford Group has built numerous systems for us over the years that help us to more effectively run our business. Often times we prefer to have Guilford Group build exactly what we need so our people don’t have to sift through screen after screen to get what they want as they would with off-the-shelf software. In addition, there are no maintenance fees, no need to hire and train our own technical or internal development team. We just tell Guilford Group what we need and they make it for us. It is just that simple.”
— Top Executive, Leading Home Builder