Outsource Your Software / Product Development

Software development firms that produce their own products often face difficulties in completing projects on time with a high degree of quality. These firms also find that they must quickly move onto the next product feature or upgrade  and do not have the resources or processes to consistently maintain their software at the same time. These time and quality constraints add up over time and eventually result in loss of time and money over the course of the product development life cycle. Often, it is critical to have an outsourced development partner to help identify bottlenecks, maintain a robust code base,  and streamline time-critical projects and processes. 

With over 25 years of experience, Guilford Group has the proven expertise in all facets of outsourced software developments and can fit the needs of your organization to help deliver quality and timely solutions. Our application development best practices combined with our proven Project Management Office (PMO) ensures that all projects are addressed with the right processes and resources to guarantee more successful outcomes.

Development Best Practices

  • Modular Development

  • “Self-dependent” Segmentation

  • Best Practices Checklist

PMO (Project Management Office)

Software development teams are in a constant battle against deadlines and must have the right information at critical times. Guilford Group project management team supports software development firms providing unparalleled project management support.


Agile Design and Delivery

Guilford Group has designed a proprietary software development methodology that focuses on driving customer value throughout the software development lifecycle. It is adaptable to each individual customer’s needs and can take on a familiar Agile approach or a hybrid approach that combines long-term Waterfall planning with incremental Agile-based Sprints.

Quality Assurance

Guilford Group helps support organizations with required and ongoing quality assurance measures to ensure compliancy with new and upcoming software regulations.

Outsource Your Maintenance & SUpport

If you already have a great development team, you can use Guilford Group to help support company function. Our team will fit the needs of your organization, and can help with:

  • Team Augmentation

  • Quality Control & Testing

  • Maintenance & Support

Case Studies

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