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In today’s fast-paced business climate, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up and gain a competitive edge.  Many businesses turn to Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) systems with the expectation that they will modify their business processes to fit the COTS  procedures; often organizations find that after implementation, the solution cannot support their unique business processes, eroding their competitive advantage.  Before moving forward with buying or building a new system, it is imperative to capture the functional nuances of the business’ processes to define an appropriate solution.  With over 25 years of consulting experience, Guilford Group has the business acumen and technical expertise needed to help you make your technology decisions work for you.

We deliver powerful and dynamic custom-built software solutions which meet our customers’ business needs and are scalable to support their future growth.  Guilford Group follows Agile Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) best practices to exceed your business needs. As a mature software practice showcasing numerous state-of-the-art Java, .NET, Mobile, Data Analytics and Website Development capabilities, we bring years of experience and a host of knowledge to the table.  Guilford Group is proud to be a leader in developing custom solutions and integrating with several products including ERP, CRM, Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and data analytics & BI systems.

Common Business Challenges

Losing Market Share Due to Legacy Systems

Your company’s market share could be improved and your current systems lack modern features and functionality. With a growing technological landscape, you fear that your competitors will have a stronger market presence. With Guilford Group, your organization can redefine your customer’s experience further improving your marketability. Our team identifies key areas of improvement and works to build a modernized solution to help improve your client’s interaction with your company. 

Lack Time and Resources to Develop and Maintain Custom Software 

You are already aware that a new custom software solution is needed for your organization and are having difficulty in planning both time and budget for the software. You are also concerned about maintenance and upkeep of the solution after delivery. Guilford Group’s custom software development team will work with you to develop a solution at an affordable cost to ensure your team can continue focusing on their work. After delivery, our team also provides ongoing maintenance and support preventing future downtimes with the new system. 

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