Data Analytics to Help Answer the Big Questions

Our Data Analytics go beyond basic answers to the heart of the question. Learn more about how Guilford Group is helping various industries identify and answer their biggest questions by downloading our Data Analytics White Paper.

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Data Analytics - Big Questions We Have Answered

Data Science

  • Identify and prioritize the big questions.

  • Develop the models & predictive analytics to be applied: detect patterns, monitor risk trends, conduct co-relations, build models, and develop action plans

  • Demonstrate return on investment.

Data Management

  • Collect & cleanse relevant data sets: ensure data integration & consolidation from disparate sources, scrub duplicate records, and provide data enrichment through primary and secondary research.

  • Developing the technology stack: design & implementation of enterprise big data warehouse and its infrastructure, etc.

Data Visualization

  • We build real-time, data-driven actionable dashboards, and data visualization tools.

Organizations with strong analytics capabilities are two times more likely to be top financial performers among peers, three times more likely to make decisions faster and five times more likely to be effective at executive decisions.   Read more about how Guilford Group is solving analytics problems for organizations in very big ways: