Microsoft .NET & Java Custom Application Development

Microsoft .NET


.NET is a cross-platform, open source developer platform for building many different types of applications. With .NET, you can use multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build for web, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT.

Key Benefits

Any app, any platform

With .NET you can target any application type running on any platform. Developers can reuse skills and code across all of them in a familiar environment.

From mobile applications running on iOS, Android and Windows, to Enterprise server applications running on Windows Server and Linux, or high-scale microservices running in the cloud, .NET provides a solution for you.

Open Source

The .NET Foundation is an independent non-profit supporting the innovative, commercially-friendly, open source .NET ecosystem. Over 25,000 developers from over 1700 companies outside of Microsoft are contributing to .NET open source.

In addition to the community and Microsoft, Technical Steering Group members, Google, JetBrains, Red Hat, Samsung and Unity are guiding the future of the .NET platform.

Fast & Scalable

.NET is fast. Really fast. Device applications for Windows, iOS and Android run natively so you can create rich and fluid apps that use all the device capabilities.

On the server side, .NET Core performs faster than any other popular framework. That means applications provide better response times and require less compute power.


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Custom .Net Development

Java Development

Java is a programming language and computing platform that powers several website applications supporting a wide range of digital functionality. The Java language is secure and reliable, helping organizations streamline and automate their business processes.


Key Benefits


Java comes with advanced portability, allowing it to be run on a variety of platforms in various digital environments. This means that applications developed for mobile tablets will have equal functionality on other platforms, such as mobile phone devices or computers.

Often, business applications need to interface with a newly created app to further support business processes. Java is able to quickly and easily port with new applications helping your business save time and money on overall development cost.


The back-end systems of Java are designed from the ground up to focus on common security issues. Thus, Java provides developers with various tools to keep applications secure, such as: authentication, authorization, and encryption mechanisms.

In addition, Java enables you to easily implement multi-layer access control and, thus, further enhance the level of security your application provides. With advanced security measurements, you can ensure that your data is secure and reliable and provide a smooth customer experience.


Business applications often experience significant up-times during the day that makes the system susceptible to degraded performance. With a large number of concurrent users, ensuring your app's speed and stability may pose a challenge.

Java allows you to develop powerful back-end functionality and run more resource-consuming operations on the database layer. Structured back-end development helps ensure swift performance for the user. This functionality also makes it easier for small business owners to create robust and interactive digital applications.

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