Affordable Mobile Migration

Guilford Group provides rapid and affordable development options to help dev teams migrate a mobile app to a new platform. We also can help provide rapid prototype builds for new concepts, and convert existing sites to mobile responsive templates. Our outsourcing model provides a boost to dev teams, startups, and businesses who need to make mobile transitions quickly and affordably.







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Apache Cordova

Responsive Web Design

Guilford Group builds responsive web layouts tailored to your company's branding and messaging. Our team ensures your design will look and feel similar across all platforms. 

Rapid Conversion to Mobile


Guilford Group has established processes for replicating your app to new platforms. No matter the software, your company's app can be rapidly converted at an affordable cost. 


Unified Platform Development


Guilford Group can build apps simultaneously on multiple platforms to help drive your business goals forward. Our experience developing in hybrid frameworks, Xamarin and Apache Cordova, has helped lower the total cost of ownership for our clients. 

Prototype, Design & Build

Our team collaborates directly during all stages of development. Guilford Group helps ensure that your brand's look and feel stay aligned during the software development process. 

Our Experience

Hybrid Mobile Development

  • Technician Reporting Mobile Application for Vehicle Maintenance (Xamarin)

  • GPS Mobile Application for Truck Driver Tracking and Communication (Apache Cordova)

Android Mobile Development

iOS Development