SalesForekast Overview™

This video will take you through all the basic features and functions of the SalesForekast™ software. It is only about 5 minutes. If you are new to SalesForekast™ or wondering if it is right for you, you want to watch this video!

If you still have questions or want to talk about using SalesForekast™ for your company, contact Guilford Group!

SalesForekast™ Walkthrough and Tutorial


Feature Basic Corporate Professional
Number of Reports Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Appropriate for: Investors Private/Publically Traded Companies Institutional Investors, Mutual Funds
Basic 28 Macroeconomic Correlation Comparisons
High & Low, Best-Fit, and Average Projections
Import by stock symbol (NASDAQ & NYSE)
Predictor data pulled and calculated in real-time
Add custom predictors
Save reports for historical viewing
Manual Data Point Entry
Adjustable High & Low Predictor Growth Rates for "what-if" analysis
Export and Email Reports (PDF)
Import by SIC/Industry
Import custom datasets
Import Market Cap, Total Revenue data
Download monthly data
Import Earnings Per Share (EPS), P/E Ratio data
Import any P&L field (800+ choices)
Export Raw Data Points to Excel (CSV)
Total Cost per Month $199.00 / user $499.00 / user $999.00 / user

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