Our Approach

Guilford Group offers an extensible development team working 24x7 on development, project management, technical expertise, quality control, and support coverage. Our team can follow your Software Development Lead Cycle all while reducing your organizational costs.

Why Outsource?

  1. Cost Savings

    • Outsourcing makes sense for cutting costs while reducing workload on your internal resources.

    • Outsourced labor can cost up to 90% less than the same labor performed in-house particularly for low-level tasks. You don’t need to make an upfront investment, which makes development projects much more attractive.

  2. Time Savings

    • Software development takes less time when people are working on your applications around the clock, so you can get your product to market quicker than your competitors can.

  3. Lack of in-house experience

    • When your internal IT resources aren’t enough to manage your development needs, outsourcing software development will bring new dimensions to managing your IT portfolio.

    • Business applications will be more reliable with better overall performance.

  4. Flexibility / Hire-on-demand

    • When you outsource, you can scale and don’t have to spend time:

      • Recruiting

      • Hiring

      • Training

      • Retaining high-cost Employees

  5. Talented IT Professionals

    • You’ll have immediate access to the best and the brightest technical professionals and bypass the incredibly competitive IT job market.

  6. Enhanced Accuracy

    • Outsourced development will help improve your quality control and reduce your time to market.

  7. Technological Advances

    • Technology is constantly evolving. Companies thriving to gain a competitive advantage are better off outsourcing their software development, especially in new, cutting edge technologies.

  8. Risk mitigation

    • You can mitigate your risks by choosing an outsourcing firm that has a proven Project Management Office (PMO) that consistently follows tested and repeatable processes.

Guilford Group Solutions to Common Development Challenges

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