Quality Assurance Services

We are experienced in testing a wide variety of software as well as mobile and web platforms using all the most up-to-date testing tools available. Our testing services are designed to suit varying quality assurance needs with dedicated teams.

Testing Services Tailored to Your Organization

Our testing services keep our clients productive and competitive with our high caliber manual and automated testing services. These services include the following:

  • Manual Testing Services

    • Manual Testing involves converting the functional requirements of the product into Manual Functional Test Cases which provide a swift and objective way to assess the status of expected functionality.

    • We have a deep understanding of the tools and techniques used for QA and testing services. Our manual testing service is most effective for UI and User Acceptance Testing, Error Handling testing, Installation and Security.

  • Automated Testing Services

    • Automation of testing is the key to implement faster test cycles by automatically performing a suite of tests using an automated test tool. Automated testing enables test cycles that can be 90 percent faster than manual testing and is very useful in an agile development environment when releasing usable systems at the end of each sprint cycle.

    • We customize the level of test automation to fit your budget and your risk appetite. Our Hybrid models are built with automating the execution of tests and manually checking the results.

    • End-to-end automated testing services to fast-track customer time to market, business expansion, reduce business risks, as well as better reliability and higher ROI. Our solutions are driven by automation objectives and not by tool capabilities.

  • Security Testing Services

    • In any business, it is top priority to keep customer information secure and private. This makes it critically important to run a penetration test of your app’s security with seasoned security professionals.

    • Our security experts can dig deep to uncover the issues that can cost you time, money and reputation. Let our professional security experts explore the complexities of your app, uncover security and privacy vulnerabilities and provide you with a robust report and actionable plan.

  • API Testing Services

    • As the risks associated with application failure have broader impacts, the integrity of your website is now more important than ever.

    • Guilford Group can provide QA and web testing services to assist you in thoroughly testing the functionality and performance of your site. We have a long history of testing APIs for some of the largest players in the tech industry.

  • Full Life Cycle Testing Services

    • In the entire development process, testing consumes the highest amount of time and effort. It includes stages from requirements, test plans and design to final reporting.

    • Our Full Life Cycle Testing service is a single-window quality solution that integrates performance testing and efficient QA processes into every stage of the software development life cycle to give you shorter time-to-market, better cost control, and freedom from dealing with increasingly complex systems and regulatory guidelines.

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