Guilford Group Recognized by Shift Indy at Mira Awards

TechPoint held their 19th annual Mira Awards last weekend, where the City of Indianapolis, Information Services Agency won the 2018 Corporate Innovator of the Year award for Shift Indy! We at Guilford Group would like to enthusiastically congratulate Shift Indy for its trailblazing efforts to transform the city government’s manual processes into a digital city hall that’s easily accessible and intuitive for its citizens.

Guilford Group is one of the private sector partners working with the Shift Indy initiative to provide the city with more efficient and user-friendly resource for the more than 900,000 residents that call Indianapolis home. As Shift Indy works to create a new online experience, we have been collaborating with employees of the city on the testing and approval process to ensure the transition will be smooth and user-friendly. Guilford Group is testing the functionality of the city’s new website across multiple browsers and devices, along with security and speed performance. We are also working diligently on establishing equal accessibility for all users, including language options in both English and Spanish.

In the official press release from TechPoint, the Mira Awards expressed their pride in being part of a city and county that has such dedicated public servants who take their responsibilities to heart and use taxpayer dollars conscientiously. Shift Indy has made it a priority to complete this project without increasing the city’s budget. We are thrilled for Shift Indy’s deserved recognition and honored to be working alongside the initiative to achieve its goals for Indianapolis and Marion County.

Read more about Shift Indy here: https://shift.indy.gov/2018/05/01/isa-wins-2018-corporate-innovator-of-the-year/