24 X 7 Support for Intermodal Operations System


Client - Fortune 500 Transportation Company


This transportation company’s Intermodal Terminal Operation System (ITOPS) is an application that supports operations at each of the terminals. It helps manage equipment coming in and out of their facilities, security at the gates, down time of equipment, loading and unloading of the rails, bookings and reservations of equipment and more. This transportation company developed the application themselves and while they didn’t have any issues with the program itself, they saw a need to have an outside firm support the users of the application on a 24 hour, seven day a week basis. This system is in continuous use by many different people in many different locations, and there needed to be someone available at all times to troubleshoot problems. Headquarters for this transportation company was in Baltimore, and in 2004 they moved their headquarters to Jacksonville, Florida. With the move, they would be losing a significant portion of the knowledge base, as many of the personnel would not be moving to Jacksonville and therefore would no longer be with the company.


By utilizing Guilford Group as the on call support for the ITOPS application, this transportation company has freed up their IT department to work on other matters. Outsourcing the support saves this transportation company the need for having an in house department that provides 24 hour support, and yet provides a superior level of support to their drivers.

Guilford Group has been supporting the ITOPS application for over 9 years. Throughout the years, by analyzing recurrent issues they have been able to recommend and implement several system enhancements that reduce support issues, increase reliability of the application and provide efficiencies in the daily operations of the business. In the first quarter of 2013, average response time to handle a Priority 1 call was under 2 minutes. This keeps this transportation company’s Intermodal terminals running smoothly, keeps their drivers on the road, and trains on the rails.