Software Upgrades For Heating A/C Unit


Client - Crosspoint, Division of Cummins

Technologies Utilized - Java - Windows 8 - Climbacab® firmware


There were several issues that needed to be resolved with ClimbaCab®. The units have embedded Java, and in all, there were 16 items that needed to be fixed or refined. These items included issues with firmware flashing, firmware updating, testing of the operating system as it loaded, Java 7 support, Windows 8 testing, reporting and debugging. Every time something went wrong with one of the units, Crosspoint had to send someone out into the field to fix it.


Guilford Group had the knowledge and expertise to solve the problems that Crosspoint had with Climbacab®. By combining their experience in application development, with their technical knowledge of hardware, Guilford Group was able to achieve the efficiency that Crosspoint needed.