Guilford Group Recognized by Shift Indy at Mira Awards

TechPoint held their 19th annual Mira Awards last weekend, where the City of Indianapolis, Information Services Agency won the 2018 Corporate Innovator of the Year award for Shift Indy! We at Guilford Group would like to enthusiastically congratulate Shift Indy for its trailblazing efforts to transform the city government’s manual processes into a digital city hall that’s easily accessible and intuitive for its citizens.

Business Intelligence, Information Driving Business

Our team within Guilford Group has a unique blend of skills that can understand YOUR business, analyze your data and give you competitive information that is worthwhile, friendly and reusable. The result is a better decision-making capability, focus on what is relevant and then produce the dashboards useful to management on a daily basis.

Business Advisory, Solutions for Your Business Needs

At Guilford Group, our professionals spend time in a variety of organizations across industries learning and applying best-of-breed solutions to their specific situation. For top line revenue challenges we can analyze your products and services and determine whether your marketing campaign is working. 

Low Hanging Fruit: Risks not worth tolerating for a small-to-midsize financial firm

Based on nearly 30 years experience in IT in the financial services industry, I’m well aware that CIOs and COOs in investment management, wealth management, and financial services face massive amounts of risk and uncertainty.  Being an IT leader in this environment is more challenging than ever before.

Customer Self-Service Improves Your Business Model

Those of us over forty remember the days when “customer service” meant someone attending to your every need. Gas station attendants pumped your gas, travel agents handled every aspect of your business trips, and you spent Saturday morning working with the friendly bank teller who handled your banking needs.