Case Study: Dickinson Fleet Services

As the largest independent mobile fleet maintenance company in the country, Dickinson Fleet Services employs over 1,000 individuals. With 21 maintenance facilities and over 400 mobile trucks, they believe in a personalized approach to maintenance. Now they can provide more enhanced, connected service to their customers from any location thanks to the help of Guilford Group.


 Dickinson Fleet Services was using a web-based TRAIT PM (Technician Reporting and Information Tool - Preventive Maintenance) application. TRAIT PM was only accessible to technicians via a mobile browser ONLY when they were connected to the internet. Due to the need to service vehicles in remote areas, they needed an application that could be instantly available anytime, anywhere especially when offline, so that technicians can do their job when needed.


Guilford Group developed their mobile application that can now be accessed and used offline. This app is developed in the hybrid language, Xamarin, which supports both Apple and Android mobile devices. It uses local storage when not connected to the internet and uploads saved information in batch whenever connected.

The application required 150+ inspection screens of seven different types, so the screen configurations are dynamic and stored in the database. This allows for adding, removing or editing inspection screens on the fly just by modifying the screen configurations.



Customers are now able to get updates on services performed on their vehicle inspections and technicians always have the information to service each vehicle thoroughly and accurately. The app guides the technicians in every step of preventative maintenance program (approximately 150 inspection tests) and DOT inspection processes so that all tests are completed.

Technicians can now quickly access the appropriate Preventative Maintenance inspection program and record the results, add comments, take photos, make annotations, record measurements, and submit documentation without requiring an online connection. This new and improved app requires fewer hard-coded screens, which reduces overhead, and includes custom code that can be applied to future new customer additions and workflows.