Business Advisory, Solutions for Your Business Needs


At Guilford Group, our professionals spend time in a variety of organizations across industries learning and applying best-of-breed solutions to their specific situation. For top line revenue challenges, we can analyze your products and services and determine whether your marketing campaign is working.  For expense control, our professionals have strong skills in determining which processes are truly value add, which ones are for regulatory reasons and, most importantly, which ones are non-value-add and must be eliminated altogether. If your current backlog in IT seems never-ending, we have the capability and methodology to assist you in aligning your IT strategy with your business strategy and prioritizing those initiatives that will truly impact the bottom line.

Companies that stay at the top recognize that they must evolve and change to meet customer needs and competitive pressures. Working IN the business can deliver daily results…working ON the business can deliver improved value-add services. We can help …

1.      Provide broader perspective and forward-thinking that is necessary to support strategic initiatives. We would contend that it is not always the big decisions, but the sum of small decisions that can make or break the back of most businesses. 

2.      Get more expert overview based on a variety of experiences. Add expertise that you may not have or expertise that is not needed on regular bases. Or just to add temporary arms & legs to get the job done more quickly.

3.      How to use software and technology to further your strategy – we know what technology can do and how to apply it.

Guilford Group’s Business Advisory Range of Services

1.      Process Redesign/Innovation

Whether you need help building a business process from the ground up or some assistance retooling an existing one, we have the industry and best-practice knowledge to help.

2.      Benchmarking

Data is most helpful when leveraged relative to a strong measurement system.  We can help you craft and interpret.

3.      Strategic Information Systems Planning

Technology plans linked to the business plan have a much higher success of long-term business growth.  Through analysis of your functional business needs, we can develop specific technology investment plans that are aligned to your business’s strategic directions.

4.      Business/Technology Assessment

Your existing technology platforms were put in place at one time to solve a need…whether business or technical.  That may not apply any longer.  The consideration for replacement can only occur with a thoughtful understanding of current and future business needs.

5.      Operational Improvement

Our staff can bring cross-industry experience to your company to assess your current operations and apply our experience to find improvements that can drop real dollars to the bottom line.

6.      Activity Based Cost Analysis

Fact-based decision making must be an essential element of an executive’s business diet.  We can dig into your operation and provide the time and cost data that you need from your current processes to find the needed areas of improvement.


1.      Our broad and deep bench of consultants can bring a broad perspective to your business, whether you’re running a department, a division, or an entire company.

2.      We bring years of experience partnering with executives to take an idea, process or entire business to the next level.  Perhaps you need strategies for growth, cost containment, financial advisement, executive coaching or change management. We have the expertise to help.

3.      We talk to executives and entrepreneurs on a regular basis. We can help with questions like: Can technology be leveraged to increase efficiency or lower overhead? Has my business grown beyond my established policies and processes?

4.      At Guilford Group, we never stop at a “good” solution, we bring some of the best minds in business to help you find the best strategy and solution possible for your business challenges or goals.