Business Intelligence, Information Driving Business


Our team within Guilford Group has a unique blend of skills that can understand YOUR business, analyze your data and give you competitive information that is worthwhile, friendly and reusable. The result is a better decision-making capability, focus on what is relevant and then produce the dashboards useful to management on a daily basis. Our professionals are keenly aware of the vast array of technologies that exist in the marketplace and can guide you through the thought process as well as the implementation of data portals that can turn your enterprise databases into actionable information.  For those that want to bring their business intelligence environment to the 21st century, we can show you how to utilize collaborative decision-making tools to enhance the capability of your staff by integrating social networking software with business intelligence capabilities.

Business Intelligence is for both internal and external needs. We need better, more relevant and more regular information on internal operations. Externally most firms today realize the importance of knowing what their competitors are doing and how the industry is changing. And the information gathered allows organizations to realize their own strengths and weaknesses.

Implementing Business Intelligence functionality can create dramatic results including:

1.      Enhanced corporate decision-making by more effectively and efficiently monitoring the current and past activity of the company.

2.      Quicker and smarter access to data for deeper analysis and improved decision making.

3.      Better insight into the conditions of the business - improved understanding of the financial trends and key performance indicators.

4.      Ensuring that the entire company understands and follows the key performance indicators that drive the strategic vision of the organization.

5.      Decreased operating costs, improved business agility, increased sales, and enhanced communication.

That is why a myriad of successful companies like yours have turned to a Business Intelligence (BI) strategy and expert implementation from Guilford Group. BI solutions provide access to the key data needed to make decisions with better speed and confidence. Information created from the data presented by BI solutions can provide insight into the conditions of the business, industry, or economy. It can help improve relationships with customers and better manage those with suppliers.

Guilford Group’s Business Intelligence Team Provides the Following Services:

1.      Reporting Solution

Our team can deliver custom reports and establish an interface for end users to view the reports.

2.      Dashboard Solution

Our team can create custom dashboards which present key performance indicators to the Executive team utilizing enterprise application data.

3.      Modeling Capability

We enable you to model the potential impact and outcomes of an important decision and steer clear of a potential mishap.

4.      Providing Relevant Information

A good solution allows you to decide where, how and how much information is viewable to anyone at any time.  From high-level dashboards to detailed reports.  The key is to provide key individuals with the quick access to important data and actionable information.

5.      Implementation

Our team can guide your IT team in implementing a Business Intelligence solution into your organization.  Training, documentation, and guided meetings are all available from the Guilford Group team.


1.      We can help you make the most of the data you already have.

2.      We go beyond technology solutions and apply business expertise. We can help you define a broad strategy that will ensure you are tracking and leveraging the right information at the right time?

3.      Our technology expertise create the most solid information engine possible.

4.      Guilford Group is more than just a technology firm.  We provide business driven software solutions.