Case Study: Shift Indy Digital City Hall

Case Study: Shift Indy Digital City Hall

Over 900,000 people call Indianapolis home, and as the city continues to evolve and grow, the digitization of its resources has become a priority for the mayor of Indy to provide the residents. That’s why Guilford Group joined the Shift Indy initiative to transform the community’s central online hub into a comprehensive Digital City Hall. Now those who call Indy home can conduct their business with the city and consume its services through indy.gov.

Case Study: Dickinson Fleet Services

Case Study: Dickinson Fleet Services

As the largest independent mobile fleet maintenance company in the country, Dickinson Fleet Services employs over 1,000 individuals. With 21 maintenance facilities and over 400 mobile trucks, they believe in a personalized approach to maintenance. Now they can provide more enhanced, connected service to their customers from any location thanks to the help of Guilford Group.

Case Study: True Homes

Case Study: True Homes

True Homes is a custom home builder that specializes in helping families personalize the selection and construction of their dream home. Traditionally, the process of selecting those custom features was a laborious, paper-based process but with the launch of our new Showroom Application customers, the sales team and the construction staff now have an intelligent, integrated solution that streamlines the decision-making process.

Guilford Group Sponsors and Presents at INDYProjectCon 2018


PMICIC (Central Indiana Chapter of the Project Management Institute) held their annual product and project management conference called INDYProjectCon on September 7th, 2018, bringing together thought leaders and organizations to further learn about industry trends. Guilford Group had the opportunity to sponsor the event and lead a breakout session on how to more effectively create and manage outsourced development teams.

The breakout session summarized how the Guilford Group team has built and grown expertise in outsourcing development teams for clients both onshore and offshore. The session brought rather vigorous discussions about the misperceptions that outsourcing is always offshoring technical tasks to lower cost centers. Our experience is that whether outsourcing development to an onshore, offshore or hybrid team, ensuring a coding best practices and adhering to a well-managed PMO (Project Management Office) greatly reduces the risks of outsourcing development projects. In our session, our team also shared examples and takeaways for project managers who are reconsidering outsourced development.

Guilford Group was proud to share its learnings and connect with local organizations and project managers at Indy ProjectCon in Indy. Our team looks forward to further connecting with attendees and is excited to participate in future PMCIC events, including future ProjectCons. Reach out to us if you’re looking to engage at the next event or are considering outsourcing your next project to a proven and trusted partner.

Guilford Group Recognized by Shift Indy at Mira Awards

TechPoint held their 19th annual Mira Awards last weekend, where the City of Indianapolis, Information Services Agency won the 2018 Corporate Innovator of the Year award for Shift Indy! We at Guilford Group would like to enthusiastically congratulate Shift Indy for its trailblazing efforts to transform the city government’s manual processes into a digital city hall that’s easily accessible and intuitive for its citizens.

Business Intelligence, Information Driving Business

Our team within Guilford Group has a unique blend of skills that can understand YOUR business, analyze your data and give you competitive information that is worthwhile, friendly and reusable. The result is a better decision-making capability, focus on what is relevant and then produce the dashboards useful to management on a daily basis.

Business Advisory, Solutions for Your Business Needs

At Guilford Group, our professionals spend time in a variety of organizations across industries learning and applying best-of-breed solutions to their specific situation. For top line revenue challenges we can analyze your products and services and determine whether your marketing campaign is working. 

Low Hanging Fruit: Risks not worth tolerating for a small-to-midsize financial firm

Based on nearly 30 years experience in IT in the financial services industry, I’m well aware that CIOs and COOs in investment management, wealth management, and financial services face massive amounts of risk and uncertainty.  Being an IT leader in this environment is more challenging than ever before.

Customer Self-Service Improves Your Business Model

Those of us over forty remember the days when “customer service” meant someone attending to your every need. Gas station attendants pumped your gas, travel agents handled every aspect of your business trips, and you spent Saturday morning working with the friendly bank teller who handled your banking needs.

Building Long-Term Partnerships - National Railway

We have a 20+ years history with a big-seven national railway on projects as well as development, maintenance & support of several enterprise level systems. We have built deep knowledge of business and its processes. Two key areas have been mobile solutions and application to their fleet and customer web portals with automation.

24 X 7 Support for Intermodal Operations System

This transportation company’s Intermodal Terminal Operation System (ITOPS) is an application that supports operations at each of the terminals. It helps manage equipment coming in and out of their facilities, security at the gates, down time of equipment, loading and unloading of the rails, bookings and reservations of equipment and more.

iPhone & Android Fan Controller

As a leader in the fan industry, this fan manufacturing company wanted to add an option to their fans that no other company offered. While many fans come with a remote control, this fan manufacturing company wanted an app that allowed users to use their cell phones as a remote to operate the fan and fan light via Bluetooth technology.